By becoming a member of the Student Veterans of America Member Network you are joining with others who are committed to empowering the veterans community through the transformative effect of higher education.

Join today and stand shoulder to shoulder with a brother and sisterhood of student veterans who have walked across the stage, clothed in their respective academic regalia, and received that life changing piece of paper, forever connected by both service and education to previous generations of veterans.

Your membership in the Student Veterans of America (SVA) Member Network provides:

Access to opportunities that can help you complete your desired degree:
  • SVA's Scholarships Program provides educational funding opportunities for student veterans during the Spring and Fall semesters.
  • Information on colleges and universities including alerts on issues in higher education, events, SVA activities, and monthly newsletters.
  • Informed decision making tools through SVA and its partners including academic advisement on school choice, degree path, GI Bill benefits and other education pathways.
  • College networking tools on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and our Chapter Directory.
Access to opportunities that can help you engage with and lead your community as you grow professionally:
  • The Leadership Institute Series bring student veterans together to exchange Chapter best practices and to explore campus-level concepts that can ease a veteran’s transition from the military to higher education and then to the workforce.
  • The Vet Center Initiative provides funding opportunities for Chapters who lack a dedicated space for student veterans on campus.
  • The Chapter Grants Program provides funding opportunities for new or existing Chapters to build the infrastructure they need to thrive and grow.
  • The VFW-SVA Legislative Fellowship provides student veterans the opportunity to make their voices heard on Capitol Hill and in their community.
  • The SVA National Conference is the largest gathering of student veterans in the world and is a tremendous opportunity to connect with student veterans from across the country, attend informative seminars, and meet with representatives from companies who are looking to hire educated veterans.
  • Mercer Match and Pymetrics allows student veterans to explore new career roles and get matched to open positions with employers. SVA members will be guided to career fields that are a good long-term fit based on their cognitive, emotional, and social profile.
  • VMock SMART Career Platform is an online resume review tool that leverages technologies like data-science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide instant personalized feedback on your resume based on criteria gathered from employers and global best practices.
  • Veterati is an on-demand mentoring program that features one hour sessions, fast matches, and short term assignments. These assignments can turn into separate long term mentor-ship arrangements, but the focus is on quickly addressing needs and allowing exposure to many people. You select the person you want to speak with, make an appointment, and then have a session. Both mentees and mentors can participate.
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